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Guidebook - Stonefield Food Tour

Stonefield Food Tour


Pizza with a Capital N. Neapolitan Pizza, The way Italians invented it over 300 years ago. Made with few, fine, non-GMO ingredients, & is accessible to everyone.

Burger Bach
Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand is the exclusive supplier of our all pasture raised, hormone free, 100% grass fed, Black Angus Beef and Alpine Merino Silere Lamb.

Each restaurant has a menu unique to its location and features the oysters from Rappahannock River Oysters.

Serving handcrafted selections for both lunch and dinner, each Travinia Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Chef is compelled by a passion for the flavors and freshness of regional ingredients.

Duck Donuts
Tasting of mouth-watering warm donuts.

Bloop Frozen Yogurt
It’s the sound, the flavor, the experience of serving up healthy fun with the freshest yogurt the way you like it. bloop gives you and your family the vast options of choosing your favorite flavors, toppings (called “bloopers”) and size of your choice. Every time you pull the yogurt lever, bloop is the result.

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